Why FTTN is a bad idea

FTTN or fiber to the node is the Liberal Party’s answer to Labor’s version of the NBN. On the face of it, FTTN (proposed by the Liberal Party) looks like a much better solution to Labor’s FTTP (fiber to the premise), it will arrive earlier, at a lower cost and provide the same immediate speed of 100mbs per second. The plan is to run fiber optic cable from node to node and retain the copper connection between the nodes and homes vs running fiber through every part of the network as offered by Labor.

The thing about FTTN is that Liberal’s are assuming that we dont need any more than a 100MB connection. Well they are dead wrong. While I may not be a “normal” consumer, I can already saturate a 100MB connection and as the bandwidth requirements increase over time 100MB will not be anywhere enough.

FTTN falls short in that it can never surpass the 100MB download speed without significant modification unlike FTTP, due to the copper connection.

FTTP has the potential to attain download speeds in excess of 2 gigabit in addition to lower overall latancies and higher upload speeds.

Because to their failure to consider the networking requirements of the future I will be voting for whoever is going to provide the best network not just for the next 15 years but well into the next 4 decades.


Battlefield 4 Wishlist

With Battlefield 3 approaching its 2nd birthday and BF4 on the horizon I think it is time to reflect on what I hope will be changed in the transition.

First up is the constantly argued topic of suppression. I will be honest and say that suppression in its current form pisses me off to no end and its only one element that does this, the change bullet deviation. I am fine with the change in recoil and the covering of my screen in Vaseline but changing the way in which my shots behave is stupid and it turns any one on one gun fight into a coin toss to determine who will win. All that needs to happen is the removal of this one element and it would be fine.

Next up is a purely visual thing. Sun, fog and blue tint. The brightness of the sun and the prevalence of fog and dust on various maps make it difficult to spot people at range without resorting to stupid long range optics and players do not silhouette well against the sun. The fog should just be removed but the sun issue could be solved a number of ways but I think the most interesting one would be with a sunglasses perk that would function in a similar way to the other squad perk that already exist. The issue with the blue tint is one that varies from person to person and could be solved by just allowing the colour tweaker that was created realmware.

The final thing I want to see changed is one of vehicle balance. Currently the helicopters and jets will completely dominate a tank and before people start screaming realism I do not care about it and it takes a back seat to game balance. First I would like to see guided shell and canister shell returned to the way there were pre armoured kill patch and and increase in the angle that a tank driver can shoot to give them more of a chance to hit jets and helicopters going in for an attack.

These three things are what are at the top of my wishlist for changes between the games and it is up to dice to listen to the community and act accordingly.